Unity Event Brings Republicans Together to Support Chris Mitchum

Santa Barbara Republican luminaries and Chris Mitchum

SB City Council member and Congressional primary candidate Dale Francisco, Congressional primary candidate Dr. Bradley Allen, SB County GOP Chairman Greg Gandrud, 24th District Congressional candidate Chris Mitchum, Congressional primary candidates Justin Fareed and Alexis Stuart, and 35th Assembly District Representative Katcho Achadjian

The Unity Luncheon today at Hotel Corque in Solvang was a huge success!  Republican candidates, elected representatives, and a sold out crowd gathered for one purpose:  to help Chris Mitchum oust Lois Capps and become the next 24th District Congressional Representative.  Greg Gandrud, Chairman of the Santa Barbara County Republican Party introduced guest speakers including 35th Assembly District Representative Katcho Achadjian, and Congressional primary candidates Dale Francisco, Justin Fareed, Bradley Allen, and Alexis Stuart.  Chris Mitchum inspired the crowd to realize this congressional race is a fight worth fighting for. He urged us all to keep the momentum building by getting others, including independent voters and disgruntled Democrats, involved and contributing to his campaign.

Please support Chris Mitchum!  Visit his website HERE.

Chris Mitchum speaking at the Republican Unity Event

Chris Mitchum for Congress!

Unity Luncheon July 21st for Chris Mitchum!

The Unity Luncheon is SOLD OUT!  Don’t worry, if you missed this opportunity to support Chris Mitchum, you will have many more opportunities to walk precincts, make phone calls, donate money, and show up to other events between now and the November election!


Help kick off the battle between limited, representative government versus the entrenched status quo of statism and special interests!

On July 21st the Santa Barbara Republican Party will be hosting a Unity Luncheon in Solvang featuring Chris Mitchum, Republican nominee for the 24th Congressional District. Special guests will include 35th Assembly District representative Katcho Achadjian and fellow Congressional primary candidates Justin Fareed and Dale Francisco. Please come have some fun and give support to Chris in his drive to unseat Lois Capps!

Individual tickets will be $35 and can be paid through our DONATE link, or mailed. Please click on the attached flyer below for more details including time, venue, and opportunities for sponsoring the event.

Unity Luncheon Details!

Santa Barbara Republican Party Official Endorsements

The Santa Barbara Republican Party has made the following endorsements for the upcoming June 3rd primary election.

Statewide Offices

Governor – Tim Donnelly

Lieutenant Governor – Ron Nehring

Secretary of State – Pete Peterson

State Offices

Assembly District 37 – Ronald DeBlauw

Assembly District 35 – Katcho Achadjian

County Measures 

Measure M           Yes

Proposition 41      Yes

Proposition 42      Yes


The Santa Barbara County Republican Party has not endorsed individual candidates  in either the Sheriff or Congressional races.