Santa Barbara GOP makes no endorsement in County Sheriff race

On Wednesday, March 19th, the Santa Barbara County Republican Central Committee held a candidate forum with both County Sheriff candidates, the incumbent Bill Brown and his challenger, Sergeant Sandra Brown.  Both speakers shared their thoughts on the race and what they would do to improve public safety in the county.  Bill Brown emphasized the prison overcrowding issues facing the state, and highlighted one of his crowning achievements of his administration, which has been securing funding to build a new prison in the north county.  On the other hand, Sandra Brown pointed out new ways she would fight crime proactively, enacting new programs the current Sheriff hasn’t considered, while making sure the current prison up in Santa Maria is adequately staffed and funded.


A vote to consider an endorsement for County Sheriff was held, but ultimately no endorsement was made by the Central Committee.

RLC Endorses Sandra Brown for Sheriff


Central Coast Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Sandra Brown for Santa Barbara County Sheriff

March 18, 2014

The Central Coast Republican Liberty Caucus of California has endorsed Sergeant Sandra Brown in her campaign for Santa Barbara County Sheriff.  Having served in various roles the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department for the past 16 years, Sandra is a veteran public safety officer and will take the tough actions needed to protect our community, while preserving our liberties.  Sandra’s campaign motto is “Actions, Not Words” and this has been displayed by her decision to speak out and run against the incumbent Sheriff and seek a new direction for the department.


The Republican Liberty Caucus stands behind Sandra Brown because of her respect for our Constitutional rights, fiscal responsibility, and her proactive stance in crime prevention.  Instead of working to expand our prisons, Sandra will ensure the current prisons are staffed and adequately funded.  Unlike the incumbent Sheriff who is more reactive on crime than preventative, Sandra will work to create programs to keep people out of prison before they follow the path of criminal behavior.  She understands that the family is the first place we should focus, and as Sheriff will provide resources and training for parents that need help.


Sandra is not a politician, but a leader who will focus on bringing new ideas to the table that the incumbent Sheriff has failed to consider or enact.  Throughout her campaign, she has displayed a willingness to sit down and have a frank discussion about the issues with the voters.  She is open to hear from all sides, and as a public servant this is of the utmost importance.  Overall Sandra has shown she is honest, trustworthy, and humble and as our Sheriff will fight to defend the rights of the People.


The Central Coast Republican Liberty Caucus urges all of our voters in Santa Barbara County to stand behind Sergeant Sandra Brown and offer her their support on election day, June 3rd.


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Stephen Pratt

Chairman of the Central Coast RLC


The Young Republicans present…

YR Endorsement Meeting
Rusty’s Pizza on Storke Road (Goleta)

Also Meet Candidate Sheriff, Sergeant Sandra Brown

Monday, March 3rd, at Rusty’s Pizza (270 Storke Road) from 6-8 PM

Sergeant Sandra Brown will be speaking to us once again about her race for County Sheriff against the incumbent, Bill Brown.  Come and hear about all about her campaign and how Sandra will address the crime issues in Santa Barbara County.

Endorsement Meeting and Board Election

At our last meeting, the SBYR’s had three of the Republican Congressional candidates attend as guest speakers. Please join us again at Rusty’s Pizza this Monday, March 3, at 6:00 as we have a vote among the club’s members to determine which candidate the SBYRs will suggest to the California Young Republican Federation (CYRF) state board to endorse. If a candidate can receive a 2/3 majority vote from the membership of the SBYRs, we will recommend that candidate to the state board. The CYRF State Board will then vote at the CRP Convention which candidate they choose to endorse!

If you missed the candidates speak at our last meeting, please visit their websites below.

YR Board Vacancies

In addition to the Congressional endorsement, we will be voting to fill the board vacancies of Secretary and Communications Director.  These are executive positions on the board of the county chapter.  To be eligible to run for these offices, one must be an official YR in good standing thirty days before the election, and have attended two general membership meetings past twelve months.  The winner of the election is the candidate who wins a majority of the votes.  If, in the first voting round, no candidate receives a majority, the top two candidates shall face each other in a runoff election.

Here are the details of the board positions:

  • The Secretary shall print the agendas for and take minutes at all general membership and Executive Board meetings; maintain all archival, membership, attendance, and other records (with the exception of finance) of the organization; distribute the prescribed notices for all Executive Board meetings; serve on the ad hoc credentialing committee during elections and shall be responsible for the Constitution, having it available at all meetings and providing it to the new Executive Board.
  • The Communications Director shall oversee all member communication within the organization.  This includes maintaining the SBCYR website, email database of members, Facebook, Twitter, and other online communication tools.

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