Mike Stoker’s recommendations for comments to the Citizen’s Redistricting Commission

The Redistricting Commission is getting very near to deciding the first draft of the Assembly, Senate and Congressional Districts. We have a great deal of momentum going in regards to convincing the Commission why all of Santa Barbara County should be in one Assembly District. Recently both former Assemblyman Pedro Nava and Brooks Firestone came out in favor of this proposal. As discussed in the past, has the Assembly District been Santa Barbara County in the last election, I would have won by 8%. Assemblyman Williams has accused me, Brooks and Pedro of supporting this plan to get rid of him. Its not about Das or me, since I have already announced I will run in 2012 if the new district includes all of Santa Barbara County…it is about good government. The Commission’s guidelines support keeping counties together, cities together, communities of interest together and attempting to put two Assembly Districts in one Senate District. The Plan we support is consistent with all of these goals.

I have drafted a form email that I hope you will send with whatever changes you want to the Redistricting Commission. Click here to load the form email. Please note the three areas that you will need to fill in your own information before you email it off.

Best regards,
Mike Stoker

For more information on redistricting, you can visit www.wedrawthelines.ca.gov.

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