Members of Santa Barbara County Republican Party

The Santa Barbara County Republican Party is the county-level leadership for the California Republican Party.

The Santa Barbara County Republican Central Committee comprises well-informed volunteer citizens, who have decades of experience advocating for candidates and initiatives that support responsible government. Committee members have views as varied as our county’s electorate and are knowledgeable on regional, state and national issues and the platform and experience of candidates running for election.

Details on the Structure and Organization of the Party


Executive Committee:
Chairman: Dale Francisco
1st Vice Chair: Jim Worthen
2nd Vice Chair: Greg Gandrud
Secretary: Bobbi McGinnis
Treasurer: Ron Hurd
1st District Caucus Chair: Greg Gandrud
2nd District Caucus Chair: Doug Mackenzie
3rd District Caucus Chair: Kevin Walsh
4th District Caucus Chair: Jon Mundt
5th District Caucus Chair: Robin Hayhurst


Budget and Finance Chair:
Bylaws and Resolutions Chair: Kevin Walsh
Communications Chair: Doug Mackenzie
Candidate Development Chair:
Precincts and Voter Registration:
Youth Networking Chair:
Hispanic Networking:


First District Members:
Ron Hurd – Regular
Gregory Gandrud – Regular
Jim Worthen – Regular
Martha Hickey – Regular


Second District Members:
Douglas Mackenzie – Regular
Albert Mercado – Regular
Dale Francisco – Regular
Barbara Kohn – Regular
Bobbi McGinnis – Regular
Mike McGinnis – Alternate
Linda Foster – Alternate
Gary Vandeman – Alternate


Third District Members:
Kevin Walsh – Regular
Tom Widroe – Regular
Chip Wulbrandt – Regular
Robert Hudson – Regular
Hans Backlund – Alternate


Fourth District Members:
Jon Mundt – Regular
Kathy Brown – Regular
Sharon Wheeler – Regular


Fifth District Members:
Robin Hayhurst – Regular


Ex-Officio Members:
Assemblymember Katcho Achadjian – AD35
Jean Moellenkopf – Alternate
Ron Deblauw – AD37 Candidate
Robert Mercado – Alternate
Chris Mitchum – CD24 Candidate
Marlin Brown – Alternate
Mike Stoker – SD19 Nominee


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