Members of Santa Barbara County Republican Party

The Santa Barbara County Republican Party is the county-level leadership for the California Republican Party.
Details on the Structure and Organization of the Party


Executive Committee:
Chairman: Dale Francisco
1st Vice Chair: Jim Worthen
2nd Vice Chair: Greg Gandrud
Secretary: Bobbi McGinnis
Treasurer: Ron Hurd
1st District Caucus Chair: Greg Gandrud
2nd District Caucus Chair: Doug Mackenzie
3rd District Caucus Chair: Kevin Walsh
4th District Caucus Chair: Jon Mundt
5th District Caucus Chair: Robin Hayhurst


Budget and Finance Chair:
Bylaws and Resolutions Chair: Kevin Walsh
Communications Chair: Doug Mackenzie
Candidate Development Chair:
Precincts and Voter Registration:
Youth Networking Chair:
Hispanic Networking:


First District Members:
Ron Hurd – Regular
Gregory Gandrud – Regular
Jim Worthen – Regular
Martha Hickey – Regular


Second District Members:
Douglas Mackenzie – Regular
Albert Mercado – Regular
Dale Francisco – Regular
Barbara Kohn – Regular
Bobbi McGinnis – Regular
Mike McGinnis – Alternate
Linda Foster – Alternate
Gary Vandeman – Alternate


Third District Members:
Kevin Walsh – Regular
Tom Widroe – Regular
Chip Wulbrandt – Regular
Robert Hudson – Regular
Hans Backlund – Alternate


Fourth District Members:
Jon Mundt – Regular
Kathy Brown – Regular
Sharon Wheeler – Regular


Fifth District Members:
Robin Hayhurst – Regular


Ex-Officio Members:
Assemblymember Katcho Achadjian – AD35
Jean Moellenkopf – Alternate
Ron Deblauw – AD37 Candidate
Robert Mercado – Alternate
Chris Mitchum – CD24 Candidate
Marlin Brown – Alternate
Mike Stoker – SD19 Nominee


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